Thursday, November 20, 2008

NFL Week 12 picks

It's another Friday and time to give you the picks you've been waiting for :). After all, I did go 5-1 last week to beat Papa and Mark JR.

This week, we go back to just five picks and our celebrity picker is Auntie Joy!

Abbie's Week 12 picks:
Patriots over Dolphins
Titans over Jets
Giants over Cardinals
Bucs over Lions
Panthers over Falcons

Week 11: 5-1
Season: 37-19

Auntie Joy's Week 12 picks:
Patriots over Dolphins
Broncos over Raiders
Bucs over Lions
Ravens over Eagles
Rams over Bears

Mama's Week 8 picks: 1-4
Uncle Chris' Week 9 picks: 2-3
Uncle Joe's Week 10 picks: 3-2

Mark JR's Week 11 picks: 4-1-1

Papa's Week 12 picks:
Dolphins -1.5 over Patriots
Browns -3 over Texans
Cardinals +3 over Giants
Falcons -1 over Panthers
Chiefs +3 over Bills

Papa's Week 11 picks: 4-2
Season: 29-26-1

Good luck!

Hugs and kisses,
Abbie :)

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