Monday, June 30, 2008

Abbie's dining review - Friendly's

So on Friday night, Mama and Papa decided that they didn’t want to cook and we had just received coupons from Friendly’s, so what a perfect place to enjoy dinner.

When we arrived, the hostess was very nice and sat us at a booth next to a little boy who I said hello to (multiple times). The hostess didn’t offer me crayons, so Mama asked for some for me. I may be only 13 months but I like to color – why do people think I am too little for crayons???

So Mama and Papa read the menu and decided what they wanted for dinner and what they wanted to give me for dinner. They never asked me what I wanted – so I just had to eat what they decided for me. I can’t wait till I can tell them I want THIS.

Papa ordered the Slider Munchie Mania – it had two sliders (mini burgers), mini mozzarella sticks, AND waffle fries with cheese! (aka Bad for Papa’s Cholesterol dinner). Mama ordered off the big kids menu – she used me as an excuse as to why she could order from the kids menu. Mama ordered the cheese burger sliders with corn. (NO fries for her or me.)

While we waited for our dinner, I said hello to everyone who walked by – even if they had already walked by once, twice, or more J Papa came up with a new job idea for me when I grow up – a cruise director – because I like to make sure everyone feels welcome.

When dinner arrived, Mama game me some corn. Now before you think I am crazy – the corn tasted like fresh corn off the cob. Mama told me that they are NOT back their cutting it off the cob for kids like me – but it really did taste fresh and yummy. Mama, Papa and I ate the corn – I said “More” a lot of times for corn – so that is a good sign.

Mama and I shared the cheeseburger sliders – they were yummy too – but I didn’t say “More” as much for the cheeseburger as I did for the corn.

When we were all done with our cheeseburgers and corn, Mama decided to get a hot fudge sundae with chocolate and vanilla soft serve twist ice cream. Papa wasn’t going to get ice cream but when he heard what Mama was ordering he said, “I would like one of those also.” Now did you notice Mama & Papa never asked me what I wanted again – they really need to change this next time we go out to eat.

When the ice cream arrived, Mama gave me a taste of her’s – well did I say “MORE” real quick … I loved the whipped cream, the ice cream, and the hot fudge a LOT. Papa and Mama both shared lots of their ice cream with me – I just wanted more and more. Next time we go out for ice cream, I am going to ask for my own bowl – that way I don’t have to wait for them to give me a taste.

All the waitresses were really nice to me though out dinner. They talked to me and told me I was cute. They even let me play with their ID’s that hung from their aprons. Mama and Papa had some issues with our waitress at the end – she took a while to come over with the bill and I was done and wanted to go home. I didn’t want to sit in the high chair anymore.

Finally, the waitress arrived with the bill and we took the bill, paid, and went home.

Friendly’s dinner was really good – the corn was the best – the cheeseburger was ok – the ice cream was wonderful and the staff was great with me. So I would recommend Friendly’s to kids around my age… Just note that Friday’s are busy for dinner – so if you don’t have lots of patience – try a different weeknight.

Happy eating all!

Sunday special

Back with a short blurb to say congrats to Brooklyn. She ate a hot dog with me at Nana's for the very first time on Sunday. YEAH!!!!!!!! She's going to try hamburgers with me next. Yummy!

BTW: I ate both on Sunday...ha ha ha :)

Coming soon, Mama and me are working on our review of Friendly's. I had some tasty treats there on Friday night. So, stay tuned.

Hugs and kisses,
Abbie :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Happy Sunday!!!!

My Mama saw this video on Yahoo today after her little sis Jasmine told her about this very large whale. He's very big, just watch the video right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And oh yeah, just in case you didn't think I was walking yet, check this out!!!

Watch out world, here I come!!!!

I'm all tuckered out now, so off to bed I go!

Hugs and kisses,
Abbie :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My week in pictures

Saturday - at Jasmine's Birthday / Graduation Party with Mama

Wednesday - jumping on zebra before bedtime

Thursday - a reflectful moment before dinner

Thursday - Papa and me with my Red Sox friend Hoody!

Thursday - in my playroom with my fairy princess wand


Abbie :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Championship Friday

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

That's what Mama had for Papa and me on Friday. She called us shortly before noon to tell us to come to Warwick and come take a picture with the Red Sox World Series Trophies at WB Mason. How lucky am I?!?!

Thursday, my friend Brianna got a new baby sister named Kaitlyn. I can't wait until she's big enough to play with me. Mama went to see her Friday at the hospital. Kaitlyn and Auntie Tricia are doing very well.

Kaitlyn Francis 8lbs., 20 inches


Abbie :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday update

I'm so glad it's not so hot anymore! 100 degree weather tuckers this little girl out!!! Mama and Papa bought me a new air conditioner for my room so I can be a cool chick when I'm sleeping too :)

So, if you were wondering what I was doing while Mama and Papa were at the Red Sox game over the weekend, check me out...

I love the water!!! I love watermelon too!

Well, off to sleep since I have a playdate tomorrow :)

Abbie :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Abbie's dining reviews

So I wanted to start a new item on my website. Mama and Papa said they would help me bring this wonderful information to you… so here it is Abbie’s Dining Reviews…. I will review each restaurant I get to visit …

I have two restaurant to start my reviews with – Bugaboo Creek and Rick’s Road House.

Last week we went to Bugaboo Creek for dinner on Saturday night. There were lots of cars in the parking lot – which made Mama worried about a wait. I don’t like waiting for my food – when I am hungry I want to eat. Well, first when we walked in there was a tree that was talking! I have never seen a tree that talks. He was very cool – he told us a joke – but I don’t remember it now. We got to sit down at a table right away – which was good b/c I was hungry.

I ordered Mac and Cheese, my favorite at any restaurant. It came with applesauce and apple juice. While I waited for my mac and cheese I used my artistic skills to color on the kids menu/coloring book – when I was done it was beautiful art work.

Also, while we were waiting for my mac and cheese – this amazing thing happened. The moose on the wall started to talk! It was crazy and awesome all at the same time. He said a little line about trying every item on the menu – said they were all good – also, said a short joke and then he stopped talking. I didn’t like when he stopped talking – I wanted him to keep talking but Papa said he had to take a nap.

The waitresses kept on stopping by and saying hi to me. They all thought I was a cute little girl (which I am) – so the service gets a very good rating.

My mac and cheese arrived and it was yummy – I tried a little piece of Mama’s broccoli but I didn’t really like that. I ate a lot of my mac and cheese (it is the Kraft kind that you can get in the store.) and I ate a lot of my papa’s baked potato. While I was eating my dinner there were a lot of birthdays being celebrated for all the other people in the restaurant. If seemed like every few minutes the moose puppet was being taken around to sign Happy Birthday to another guest of the Moose. (the waitress never asked if I wanted my ice cream - and we didn't know it came with the dinner till we went online for the link above - so next time I will be sure to request my dessert. A little girl always likes dessert.)

In the end – I liked Bugaboo – it had a lot of cool animals to look at while I was waiting for my dinner. The mac and cheese was ok – but like I said it was the Kraft blue box kind – Mama can make that at home – So maybe you should order something else. I would recommend any other 13 month olds to visit Bugaboo – just make sure they give you a seat with a clear view of the moose – and maybe even tell them it is your birthday so they will come and sign to you.

Todays review.

Me and only me in the dining room - well Papa and Mama we there to - but that is it.

Today I visited Rick’s Roadhouse. It is a fairly new restaurant in the Providence area. It is right near the Providence Children’s Museum. So really you could schedule a fun day of play and BBQ and walk from one place to the other.

Mama and Papa had to park on the road b/c it seems like Rick’s doesn’t have a parking lot. Today this wasn’t an issue since it was so hot outside I think everyone was staying in the air conditioning of their homes or the stores. So we parked under a shady tree (good parking spot Papa) and walked over to the restaurant.

The front of the restaurant was wide open with the adult section (bar) looking out on the road. From what I saw while being carried in… this area of the restaurant only had high top tables, bar seating and pool tables. Sp, we decided to go inside to where we hoped there was air conditioning and tables more my size.

When we walked in it was empty – there was no one in the restaurant except the waiters and waitresses – who were filling gift bags (we learned later they were for a charity golf tournament). We asked if they were open for lunch – I was late for lunch – so I hoped they were b/c I was HUNGRY! They said yes, they are open from 12-12 every day. Since we had the restaurant to ourselves they told us we couple pick where we wanted to sit. So we chose a table off to the side so we were not in the way of them filling the bags.

Our waiter was right there – he should have been we were his only customer. He gave us a picture of ice water and left us with the menus. I already knew what I wanted – mac and cheese, of course. We never saw a kids menu – but the mac and cheese was on the adults menu – so I ordered it from there. Mama said she wanted the pulled pork sandwich and Papa wanted a burger that had ham and cheese on it.

We had to wait a little while for the food – so while I waited Papa gave me a piece of paper from my diaper bag and one of the crayons to draw. (The restaurant didn’t offer me any when we were seated. I am not sure if they didn’t b/c they thought I was too young or if they don’t do that.) I also tried to tell them to hurry up with the mac and cheese by talking really loud – but it wasn’t that long of a wait anyway.

The mac and cheese was tasty – it was a light creamy white cheese – not that fake yellow stuff. I ate only one elbow at a time – so it took me a while – but I ate a bunch of my mac and cheese. Mama also let me have a bite or two of the pulled pork – I ate one small bite – the second bite I spit back out – I just wanted my mac and cheese.

Papa liked his burger – he was surprised when it arrived that it wasn’t a slice of ham like from the deli – it was a thick slice of ham like we would eat at Easter.

After I was done with dinner I took a walk around the restaurant with Mama – it was a little warmer on the bar side – no air conditioning with those big doors open. Everyone was very friendly – everyone we saw said hello – and asked how old I was.

Having the restaurant to myself was great – I loved that Mama didn’t get upset about how loud I was in the restaurant – since there was no one there to complain about it.

In the end I would recommend the mac and cheese – but I wish there was more entertainment for me… there was a really large TV showing ESPN – that made Papa happy – but I only like commercials. But maybe they just forgot to give me a kids menu to "read" and color - or maybe they don't do that. Oh one other thing - this restaurant is "Green" - meaning it is better for the environment - so I like that a lot! I will be going back - to see how it is when there are more people there - not just me and my peeps.

See ya next time at the restaurants!

Abbie :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Stepping it up!

UPDATE - FIVE! That's how many steps I walked from Mama to Papa Monday night. I'm on my way, baby!

Stitchy's my friend : )


Abbie :)

Breaking news!

I took three steps to Papa this morning!!!!


Abbie :)