Thursday, November 13, 2008

NFL picks for Week 11

It's only Thursday and yes, it's time for the NFL picks for the week. I'm still beating Papa (32 wins to 25 wins)! Yeah, Abbie :)

We are doing six picks this weeks since we will pick tonight's game with Papa's Jets battling the Patriots. Mark JR. will be our celebrity picker this week.

Abbie's Week 11 picks
Jets over Pats
Dolphins over Raiders
Giants over Ravens
Bucs over Vikings
Packers over Bears
Redskins over Cowboys

Week 10: 3-2
Season: 32-18

Mark JR's Week 11 picks
Jets over Pats
49ers over Rams
Saints over Chiefs
Falcons over Broncos
Eagles over Bengals
Cardinals over Seahawks

Mama's Week 8 picks: 1-4
Uncle Chris' Week 9 picks: 2-3
Uncle Joe's Week 10 picks: 3-2

Papa's Week 11 picks
Jets +3.5 over Pats
Giants -6.5 over Ravens
Jaguars +3 over Titans
Saints -5 over Chiefs
49ers -6 over Rams
Colts -8.5 over Texans

Papa's Week 10 picks: 2-3
Season: 25-24-1

Good luck everyone!

Hugs and kisses,
Abbie :)

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