Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good story

Papa and I went to the market this morning to get some more milkies and bananas for me :) While we were there, we met a very nice lady who told Papa a good story.

My Papa asked the man behind the deli counter if I could have a piece of cheese. As Mama and Papa always tell me to do, I said please and thank you for the cheese.

Well, the nice lady had heard me say please and thank you and came over to Papa to tell him how nice it was that I was saying that. She was very pleased to hear that and told Papa that I was being raised the "right way." It made Papa smile :)

The nice lady then went on to tell Papa that her parents had also raised her at a young age to say please and thank you and that when she went to school, the teachers were so surprised that she was doing that. Pleasantly surprised!

It's just another reason that we love out trips to the market! Plus, Papa let me touch all the balloons and hear them sing "Happy Birthday."

Hugs and kisses,

Abbie :)

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