Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fun Fall Day For Abbie.

This is the Change Bandit reminding you I am still collecting change from all my friends and family to help Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Next Saturday and Sunday, Mama and Papa are going to take me to visit who ever requests my visit. Just email them right here to schedule and remember I accept change, cash or checks. :)

Now onto my day. I enjoyed my yogies for my morning snack.

Then I went for a walk with Papa and Mama up and down our street. We saw three Sammy Squirrels, a couple of doggies, and the landscaper next door driving a very cool ride on lawn mower.

Welcome to Phantom Farms in Cumberland - want to help me pick out a pumpkin???

I found my pumpkin - it is small and I can carry it and it has this really cool stem.

Riding the cart while holding on tightly to my pumpkin.

Look I am a sunflower :)

I am Abbie Scare-Crowe... :)

While in the Phantom Farms gift shop we found Miss Jenn's book "The 7th Witch." We already own this book - You should too. Miss Jen will be at the Farms at the end of the month for a book signing and a party called "A Witch's Night Out" - When I get more details I will post them here.

This was a fun day... Now I will sit here and rest till Mama and Papa agree to take me to Friendlys for Cheese! (Mac and Cheese w/a side of corn.)

Hope each of you are having a great fall weekend. Sunday is football, grocery shopping, cooking a turkey, and playing. Oh and maybe carring around my pumpkin some more. :)

Love and Hugs.

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Stephany said...

oh abbie i would love for you to visit me next weekend but i'm busy - we'll have to hae a playdate soon.