Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few reminders

It's a rainy and chilly Tuesday, so I'm spending the day inside with Papa. It's OK, lots of time to play and beat Papa up! ha ha ha :) And also a chance to give you a few new pictures of Mama and me :)

I wanted to give everyone a few reminders. The end of the week is the end of Change Bandits to help me raise money for the children at Hasbro Children's Hospital.

I give you this first from Mama and Papa:

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Abbie’s Change Bandit Round-Up to benefit Hasbro Children’s Hospital. To date, we have raised… $95 online and $86.18 in person – equaling a total of $181.18. Yeah!

Hasbro Children’s Hospital is a wonderful resource in our community. We have met many wonderful patients, families, doctors and staff of Hasbro Children’s over the years. And we are calmed to know that if we ever need a hospital for Abbie – we know we have one of the best right here in Rhode Island. So, if you haven’t donated yet to our Change Bandits Round Up – you still have time.

Last call for Change Bandits is Friday. We will turn in all the cash we have rounded up at the Warwick Mall on Saturday. (stop by between 11-2 at center court if you want to visit us. We will all be there around noon – some of us (Laura) a lot longer).

This is our last call to action. Please feel free to make a donation online at or contact us by email and we can stop by in person.

Abbie will also be trick-or-treating on Friday for Change Bandits instead of for candy (at Citadel during lunch and in our neighborhood in the early evening.). We hope that each of you can help. Every little bit adds up to a big finish.

Happy Halloween All – Thanks for your help!

Now, as for the other reminder, it's the last couple of days for the caption contest! We will announce our winner on Friday (Happy Halloween!). Just email Mama and Papa now with your caption to the picture of me below. If you win, you get three new CD's from Usher, Rhianna and Leonna Lewis.

Good luck and keep those donations coming!

Abbie :)

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