Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Review time - Uncle Tony's & Toe Jam Band

So as you read from my earlier post – Tuesday night was a fun filled evening. It started when mama came home early from work. We had planned to attend a concert that night – but the idea of dinner out was a surprise to me. I was very excited – I love to go go go.

So we decided to go to Uncle Tony’s – YUM! We were seated fairly fast – that was good b/c I was HUNGRY! I started out eating bread and cucumbers – their bread was very yummy – I ate that all thru dinner. Papa ordered the chicken parmesan and mama ordered the baked scrod. While I waited for dinner papa pulled out the crayons and I ate my bread and drew some pictures.

When dinner arrived the waitress warned us that the plates will be HOT. So everyone made sure the plates were way far away from me – I promise I would not have touched them.

I had lots of chicken parm and the baked scrod. Both were yummy. There was lots of cheesy goodness on the chicken. I was very glad that papa shared with me. Mama’s baked scrod was nice and light and the crunchy topping was tasty – I wish there was more of it J The pasta was a bit to al dente for me – so I didn’t get to eat any pasta – but that was ok – I was content with the chicken, fish, and bread.

We left Uncle Tony’s and headed to Slater Park. I was surprised to see how many kids were at the park for the concert. And guess what!? My boyfriend Ben was there too! Our mommies and daddies put two blankets out for us to hang out on and we looked around while we waiting for the music. I tried to make a break for it – I wanted to meet some of the other kids – but Mama wouldn’t let me off the blanket L

When the concert started – it was so much fun. The band played lots of funny silly music. Their name is Toe Jam Puppet Band. (if you click their name you can get to their website.) The band asked us to wiggle our fingers, to dose si doe, to dance FASSSST, SLLOOOOW and STOP. It was a lot of fun. I was laughing as Mama and Papa danced with me. We had to leave at 7pm b/c I was getting tired – that is a late and exciting night for me… and Papa had a hair cut scheduled for 8pm with Auntie Monica.

So all in all I would recommend everyone to eat at Uncle Tony’s and to check out the Toe Jam Puppet Band (esp kids a little older – like 6-8 – I laughed but I couldn’t do all the stuff they asked you to do just yet – but some day!)

Stay dry – they keep bowling up in heaven - I heard it today – I hope everyone gets strikes.

Happy Dining and Dancing!

Hugs and kisses,
Abbie :)

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