Thursday, July 31, 2008

It has been a long but fun day for me... as you will see below...
Better details to follow on Friday... I need to go to bed now -

The day started with a Play date at Brianna's

Luke was there too.

Brianna and Kaitlyn (Auntie Tricia did I spell that right?)

Luke got caught in the net :)

I got to drive a car!

Brianna was sitting pretty.

I went home and took a nap then Papa, Mama and I went to Slater Park to play at the play ground.

There we met Mister F.L. Ant
I climbed the rock wall.
I went down the slides.

And we visited the geese.

Then we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday (dining review will come tomorrow.)

What do you want off the kids menu?

And I ended the night with a duck party -

Mom - should you be taking photos of me in the bath tub???

I am wiped out friends and family.

More tomorrow.


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cporter32 said...

thats a great big long day! It was good to see you and make mommy nervous with the rockets :)


uncle chris