Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3rd FUN!!!

Heading into the holiday weekend, our Ohana had a little Friday fun with an adventure around the state.

We were supposed to go to a farm in Glocester, but unfortunately two things happened. One, I fell asleep on the way there in the car and two, there were lots of "bowlies" (i.e. thunderstorms) as well.

So, instead of going to the farm, we stopped in downtown Providence for some tasty lunch at Johnny Rockets.

Oh yeah, Ferb ate with us too!

See, there's that pesky rain! Thankfully, it stopped long enough for us to head to Slater Park in Pawtucket. Lots of animals for us to see!

Plus, a stop at the Wishing Well!

And time to play too!

Then, at the end of the day, we got to watch all the animals go back inside to eat and lay down for their nappies.

Another fun day is on tap for the 4th of July too! Can't wait to show you that fun too :)

Hugs and kisses,
Abbie :)

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