Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Filled Friday.

So it has been a while since I posted - sorry - it has been a busy week. 4th of july, Sunday with Mama and Papa, Monday a play day with Papa and then Tuesday Papa went back to work, I started hanging with Nana and Brooklyn. So I have lots to recap with all of you. But before I go back - I am going to tell you about today.

Auntie Jenny is in town this week - so Mama took the day off from work and we had a playdate with Auntie Jenny, Myrissa and Kalissa. After meeting up at their house, we drove to the Children's Museum. There we played in the water room and all other rooms. For the first time ever I had Little Woods all to myself for a few minutes! that was cool!

After the museum we walked over to Stanley's Burgers. There we got a big booth for the five of us and ordered drinks and lunch. It was yummy! I had a hot dog and chocolate milk. Also, Kalissa shared her onion rings with me --- YUMMY!!! I eat the coating on the onion rings - then I put the onion itself on the plate with the french fries :)

After Stanley's we went for a ride to North Providence to check out Sprinkles Fine Desserts --- I was alseep before we got on the highway :) but Mama picked up cupcakes for me, papa, and herself. I ate half of mine when we got home. It was very tasty - but I didn't eat the frosting - I don't like frosting - I just like plainecake :)

After all of the fun we had with Auntie Jenny and the girls. Mama and I ran a couple of errands and then we went home to wait for Papa.

Mark Jr came over after work and when Papa got home we jumped into the car and went to the Paw Sox game. I had a blast walking around the park and checking out the firls. Here is a photo of me sitting in the stands at the stadium.

Well it is lae and has been a LONG day for me - so I am off to bed. Sweet Dreams all.
love and hugs,

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Deana Cimorelli~ said...

Hi Abbie,
My cousin Diana found your blog and told me that your Mommy mentioned us today. When she was in our bake shop she told me that you were sleeping in the car so I never got a chance to meet you. I hope that one day you will come back again to visit!
Hope you liked your cupcakes!!!
Deana @ Sprinkles Fine Desserts