Thursday, September 11, 2008

Papa's 40th birthday

Papa turned 40 years old on Wednesday. So, Mama and me spent the day having fun with Papa! We were very busy!!!

Cupcakes, Twinkies, Ring Dings and Devil Dogs for Papa!

Shopping at Christmas Tree Shops!

Yup, Christmas Tree Shops in Foxboro - Mama likes it alot!

We tried to do lunch at the CBS Scene. 25 minute wait with nowhere to play for me, NO THANKS! (They do have nice TV's though.)

That's the Hall at Patriot Place where our friend Bryan works.

Since no CBS Scene, we went to MY Favorite - Friendly's!

After a nap at home, we went to Nana's for more cake. That's Brooklyn and me - aren't we just the cutest!

Can you catch me Stacey?!?

Hugs and kisses,

Abbie :)

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Stephany said...

Happy 40th John - hope you stretched the eating of those snack cakes out to avoid a sugar coma!