Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ruby Tuesday Dining Review...

So last week we went to Ruby Tuesdays after a fun filled adventure at Slater Park (cool park but not enough little kid swings.)

So when we arrived at Ruby Tuesday’s we were seated very quickly. (Dinner time comes early for me – 5pm.) The hostess gave me my own coloring book and a set of crayons. YEAH! I love when I get art supplies before dinner.

Mama went to the salad bar and picked out a bunch of stuff for me – peas, cucumbers, cheese, ham – it was great – lots of food and no waiting. I really like the cold peas – which mama wasn’t sure about – so now peas are almost on my menu daily mixed in my corn.

For dinner Papa ordered a hamburger, plain of course, with fries. Mama ordered a turkey burger with fries. I got to try both of those burgers – I liked the turkey one better. Mama and Papa even let me try a few french fries – yummy – but I liked the hamburger buns better than the fries. The hamburger buns were wheat – they were yummy – Papa didn’t touch him – so there was plenty of hamburger bun for me.

There were only two negatives to Ruby Tuesday the day we were there. 1. Our waitress was slow in the end. I wanted to get home and take a bath and she was no where to be found. So the bill took a little while to arrive. And the second issue – Baby, It’s Cold Inside, I haven’t been that cold since February. We even warned a family as we walked back to the car, “Bring your sweater to Ruby Tuesday.” They like their air conditioning on the frigid side.

So yes, 15 month old diners – go to Ruby Tuesday – you can color, draw, eat all you want from the salad bar – order a turkey burger with veggies on the side – and remember your sweater.

Till next time. (Chelo’s turkey dinner review coming soon.)

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