Sunday, August 31, 2008

My night at McCoy!

Pawsox game number two for me is in the books! Mama, Papa and Mark JR. took me to see the Pawsox take on Lehigh Valley Sunday night. I ate a hot dog and hamburger, plus had some ice cream with Mama as my snack! Papa fed us both, isn't that very cool!

I lasted almost six full innings and Papa tells me that the Pawsox won 2-1 for their franchise record 84th victory. That's cool too!

Here's my view from the outfield!

Mama and me hanging out on the Berm.

I got to see my good friend Sox again :)

She's cool!

Hi there from McCoy Stadium!

Yeah Pawsox!!!!

Monday's Labor Day so that means a relaxing day for Mama, Papa and me :) We plan on making meatballs. YUMMY!!!

Hugs and kisses,

Abbie :)

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