Monday, June 30, 2008

Abbie's dining review - Friendly's

So on Friday night, Mama and Papa decided that they didn’t want to cook and we had just received coupons from Friendly’s, so what a perfect place to enjoy dinner.

When we arrived, the hostess was very nice and sat us at a booth next to a little boy who I said hello to (multiple times). The hostess didn’t offer me crayons, so Mama asked for some for me. I may be only 13 months but I like to color – why do people think I am too little for crayons???

So Mama and Papa read the menu and decided what they wanted for dinner and what they wanted to give me for dinner. They never asked me what I wanted – so I just had to eat what they decided for me. I can’t wait till I can tell them I want THIS.

Papa ordered the Slider Munchie Mania – it had two sliders (mini burgers), mini mozzarella sticks, AND waffle fries with cheese! (aka Bad for Papa’s Cholesterol dinner). Mama ordered off the big kids menu – she used me as an excuse as to why she could order from the kids menu. Mama ordered the cheese burger sliders with corn. (NO fries for her or me.)

While we waited for our dinner, I said hello to everyone who walked by – even if they had already walked by once, twice, or more J Papa came up with a new job idea for me when I grow up – a cruise director – because I like to make sure everyone feels welcome.

When dinner arrived, Mama game me some corn. Now before you think I am crazy – the corn tasted like fresh corn off the cob. Mama told me that they are NOT back their cutting it off the cob for kids like me – but it really did taste fresh and yummy. Mama, Papa and I ate the corn – I said “More” a lot of times for corn – so that is a good sign.

Mama and I shared the cheeseburger sliders – they were yummy too – but I didn’t say “More” as much for the cheeseburger as I did for the corn.

When we were all done with our cheeseburgers and corn, Mama decided to get a hot fudge sundae with chocolate and vanilla soft serve twist ice cream. Papa wasn’t going to get ice cream but when he heard what Mama was ordering he said, “I would like one of those also.” Now did you notice Mama & Papa never asked me what I wanted again – they really need to change this next time we go out to eat.

When the ice cream arrived, Mama gave me a taste of her’s – well did I say “MORE” real quick … I loved the whipped cream, the ice cream, and the hot fudge a LOT. Papa and Mama both shared lots of their ice cream with me – I just wanted more and more. Next time we go out for ice cream, I am going to ask for my own bowl – that way I don’t have to wait for them to give me a taste.

All the waitresses were really nice to me though out dinner. They talked to me and told me I was cute. They even let me play with their ID’s that hung from their aprons. Mama and Papa had some issues with our waitress at the end – she took a while to come over with the bill and I was done and wanted to go home. I didn’t want to sit in the high chair anymore.

Finally, the waitress arrived with the bill and we took the bill, paid, and went home.

Friendly’s dinner was really good – the corn was the best – the cheeseburger was ok – the ice cream was wonderful and the staff was great with me. So I would recommend Friendly’s to kids around my age… Just note that Friday’s are busy for dinner – so if you don’t have lots of patience – try a different weeknight.

Happy eating all!

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