Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We missed a photo back in December that we should have shared with all of you. But some back story first. My Great Uncle Ralph had been sick for a while and he couldn't get better so he went to Heaven. Now I understand that he is better and watching over us.

Because of this my Great Aunt Ethel flew out from LA, California to see all of us.

This was the first time I have ever met my Great Aunt Ethel. She was a lot of fun. We went to lunch then we went to Barnes and Noble. Gess what - she likes books as much as I do. We had lots of fun checking out different things to read... and I got to play with the train table too.

I wish my Great Aunt Ethel could have stayed longer so we could play more... hopefully she will visit again soon. :) We miss you! Come again so Auntie Ethel.

Love and hugs,

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